Geepas GO34027 Electric Oven with Rotisserie & Convection 100L - 2800W 4 Function, 4 Heat Selection with 120 Min Timer with Bell | Ideal for Baking, Roasting , Grill & More | 2 Years Warranty

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Save Time in The Kitchen And Stay With Your Family.

Getting something to eat doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, with the right device, it's quite easy. Enjoy a lightly browned and bubbly bruschetta or make kid-friendly chicken nuggets in just one. With this compact oven, you can toast slices of browned bread or cook pizzas with a crispy, tender crust in less time. 4 cooking modes with one lever, no need to heat the traditional oven. This reliable machine has four functions that allow you to cook quickly: baking, grilling, and keeping warm. The setup does all of your cooking tasks. The large window and the 120-minute timer allow you to cook exactly to your specifications. Keep an eye on your food while you cook. Take your roasting and baking results to the next level with additional oven settings.

The convection setting bakes faster and more evenly than traditional ovens, and the rotisserie revolves around the meat as it cooks, preserving flavor and juices and turning the outside brown and crispy. This Geepas digital top-mounted oven has convection technology for faster and more even cooking. Due to its large capacity of 100L, it is large enough to hold large pans, roasting, and baking trays. It offers a temperature range from 100 to 230 degrees with 4 settings for baking, toast, pizza, and defrosting, and a 120-minute timer with a bell. It's a great alternative to your traditional oven to keep your kitchen cooler and save energy. as an additional stove for vacation or entertainment. No additional oil is required for crispy fries. You can enjoy fried food without oil, but super tasty without affecting the taste and texture. Perfect for frying French fries, prawns, chicken wings, and legs. Fried chicken has magic, a Geepas oven can get evenly fried chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat. Enjoy with your friends and share the magic! Walnuts are an ideal snack idea because of their delicious taste and rich diet.

1) 0 EXTRA OIL FOR LOW-FAT HEALTHY FOOD – Every mother wants to cook healthy and delicious food for her family, an electric oven is here to assist. There’s no need to add extra oil to the food when cooking with this countertop oven, the oven uses hot air convection to cook the food thoroughly and evenly while cutting over 85% fat, without sacrificing the taste and texture!

2) MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS IN 1 APPLIANCE - You can use it as an air fryer, toaster, dehydrator, pizza grill, and oven. Simply set the cooking temperature and time, you can use it to fry, bake, dehydrate, roast, broil, toast, proof, reheat, grill, and rotisserie. You can cook a whole 6-pound chicken, a 10-inch pizza, 6 slices of toast, or 2 dozen chicken wings. It's about as big as a microwave.

3) FAST & EVEN HEATING - The Geepas electric oven can be heated quickly and evenly with the heating pipes. Perfect for roasting, fish, baking pizza, cookies, toasting bread, and keeping food warm - pretty much anything!

4) EASY CONTROLS, ROASTING PAN & RACK - Set the oven to your preferred settings with temperature, timer, and heating elements. 4 functions with 4 heat setting options for convection baking, roasting, grill, and keeping warm. Grill, bake with the grill or frying pan, which slides easily in or out of the grill. Oven for all your culinary needs.

5) 120 MIN TIMER, 100L CAPACITY - It has a digital timer that allows you to see at a glance how much time is left on the watch. With the built-in interior lighting, you can easily switch it on at any time and check the status of food. Perfect size to match the counter in your kitchen. The electric oven is ideal for baking large pizzas, preparing toasted sandwiches for the whole family, and warming up leftovers. The cooking functions include keeping warm, convection baking, roasting, convection roasting, and more. Results for all cooking functions.

6) OTHER SPECIFICATIONS, 2 YEARS WARRANTY INCLUDED – 4Pcs Stainless Steel Heaters, Bake Tray 1pc, Tray Handle 1Pc, Wire Rack 1pc, and Rotisserie set.

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